Articles featuring "Wireless, battery-free subdermally implantable photometry systems for chronic recording of neural dynamics"  top 5% of all research outputs scored by Altmetric

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Articles featuring "Fully implantable optoelectronic systems for battery-free, multimodal operation in neuroscience research" (ranked No. 1 in media exposure for Nature electronics, 98th percentile for all research outputs ranked by Altmetric):

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Articles featuring "Wireless optoelectronic photometers for monitoring neuronal dynamics in the deep brain" (top 5% of all research outputs scored by Altmetric):

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Articles featuringMechanically Tunable Dielectric Resonator Metasurfaces at Visible Frequencies” (~100 media outlets):

Nanowerk: Stretchable nano-devices towards smart contact lenses

World science report: 'Smart' Contact Lenses Made Possible By Stretchable Nano-Devices

Articles featuringStretchable and Tunable Microtectonic ZnO‐Based Sensors and Photonics.” (~250 media outlets, print, radio and TV ):

Mashable: Stretchy wearable sensors can tell when you’re about to get sunburnt

Sydney Morning Herald: ‘Smart skin’ senses when you’ve had too much UV radiation

Huffington post: Tiny Wearable Patch Warns Against UV Overexposure

Articles featuringTransparent functional oxide stretchable electronics: Micro-tectonics enabled high strain electrodes” (~75 media outlets):

The Australian: “Flexible phone plan in the works” page 3 article in Sunday edition: The Australian web article

Information Age: Scientists crack the secret to unbreakable devices

Science alert: Unbreakable phones closer